3 Cool Hair Color For Men Ideas

Hair Color Ideas for Men-

There is so much more more to dyeing hair for men than covering grey! Add chunky streaks or all over color to update your look! Check out these pictures for 3 cool hair color for men ideas to try today!

Hair Color Ideas for Men  3 Cool Hair Color for Men Ideas

A no risk way to try out hair color for men is with one bold streak somewhere along the hairline. It’s low commitment and looks great with every hairstyle, from spiked to slicked to curly. With one contrasting chunk of hair, feel free to experiment with colors you wouldn’t to dye your whole head – like this platinum streak against darker hair or bright emo-inspired purple or blue.


This highlight for men is easy to do yourself. Just choose a color or bleach 3 Cool Hair Color for Men Ideas, mix the product according to instructions, and apply to the desired section of hair. If you’ve chosen something behind the hairline, cut a hole in a shower cap and pull hair through to isolate the hair to be dyed from the rest of the head. For a streak at the front, simply separate hair and wrap the finished product in tin foil, which also speeds up the dying process.

Cool Hair Color for Men  3 Cool Hair Color for Men Ideas

A different on take on the bold streak is to highlight a chunk of hair that emphasizes your signature hairstyle. For this wide faux hawk, one side of the triangle is light blonde, exaggerating the angle of spiked hair. On the other side, another broad darker streak adds a lowlight to dark hair.

Mens Hair Dye  3 Cool Hair Color for Men Ideas

All over color is another option for men looking for a change. This can be to eliminate grey with the number one men’s hair dye, Just for Men 3 Cool Hair Color for Men Ideas, or do something completely different with dark or light hair.

Dying hair brown or auburn is especially noticeable with dark Asian hair. For black hair, this will be a two-step process, first lightening hair and then adding color. This can be damaging and is best left in the hands of professionals. If you don’t want to maintain the color, just grow hair out for a month or two and embrace a crew cut or for longer hair, get your colorist to revert back to dark hair to bypass any skunky growing out phase.

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