Another Way To Style Medium Mens Hair


Wearing mens hair just a little bit longer builds adds styling options  beyond spiked, messy, or none. The slicked back look has been one of the hottest looks for 2013 and is still going strong. If you want a change, here’s another way to style medium mens hair.

Medium Mens Hairstyles 2013 2014  Another Way to Style Medium Mens Hair

Medium length hair for men means different things to different people. Here, we’re talking about inches of length on top with the sides kept short. Growing hair a little longer has benefits beyond additional styles. If thick are coarse hair tends to stick up, length is the best solution. Medium hair has more weight to keep hair down as well as get product to work.


A stylish variation of the Mad Men inspired slick hair is wearing fringe down. Hair has the same deep side part but is combed down over the forehead rather than back. To get the same sleek finish, use the same pomade product you would with slick hair, like American Crew Forming Cream Another Way to Style Medium Mens Hair for medium hold and medium shine.

For this every hair in place finish, use a fine tooth comb or even better, boar bristle brush like the handmade Swissco Oakwood Men’s Military Brush Another Way to Style Medium Mens Hair that fits in the palm of the hand for maximum control.

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