How To Style A Mohawk


The ultimate statement hairstyle for men is the mohawk. The ancient look has not only been worn by the Mohicans in North America but warriors in Ireland, Libya, and the Ukraine. It has since been adopted by soldiers, punks, and rebels everywhere.

The mohawk starts with the haircut – shaved sides with a strip down the center of the scalp. How thick or long that hair is is up to you – the more hair there is, the more product will be required to stand hair up.


Now on to how to style a mohawk. No one said it was easy (without razors, the Mohawk plucked hair out in chunks) but it’s worth it.

Mohawk How to Style a Mohawk

1. Blow Dry Hair – Letting hair air dry lets in moisture which causes frizz and weights hair down.

2. Liberty Spikes or Fan? – There are many types of mohawks with the most common being the fan with hair worn straight up or liberty spikes, like the Statue of Liberty.

3. Tease – This is the method used to add height to every hairstyle. Grab a section of hair at the forehead and get out a comb.  With the fine end of a comb, begin to backcomb hair in small strokes starting next to the scalp and working towards the tip. For the fan mohawk, pull hair straight up throughout this process. For the spikes, twist hair up into an individual spike. Hair will mat together and start to stand up.

4.  Add Product– There are many ways to get hair to defy gravity. At home methods include glue, egg whites, cornstarch, and gelatin. Or for conventional hair products, a combination of ultra strong hold gel and hairspray do the trick.

Got 2b Glued Spiking Glue How to Style a Mohawk – This affordable drugstore product is renowned for defying gravity.

Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray How to Style a Mohawk – The complement to spiking glue.

TIGI Bed Head Hard Mohawk Gel – The only product specifically made for styling mohawks. How to Style a Mohawk

TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hair Spray – The strongest hold hair spray available without leaving sticky residue and that works in the most humid of climates. How to Style a Mohawk

Apply the gel or spiking glue liberally, starting at the bottom and working up to ensure product is evenly distributed. Holding the spike or section up with your hand, set it with a blow dryer for 30 to 60 seconds, until hair is completely dry. Finish with a generous dose of hair spray and repeat with the next section.

For the fan mohawk, gently comb hair between sections for a smooth and continuous mohawk.

5. Mohawk Alternatives – There’s no doubt that this is a high commitment hairstyle – between keeping the sides shaved and keeping hair sky high. Some lower maintenance options are the faux hawk, which keeps hair at the sides and hair longer in the center or at the front. One of David Beckham’s signature haircuts, this is an attractive look on everyone and looks equally good with hair worn spiked or down.

Puck Puckerman’s short mohawk strip has the same strong effect without needing to spike hair up. This would also be a great option for wavy or curly hair.

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