Short Hairstyles For Guys 2013


Fall is an ideal time to update the wardrobe and hair. Whether it’s back to school or refocusing on work after summer vacation, a fresh haircut can mark the change of seasons.

Here’s a slick cut that makes the eases the transition from summer to fall while staying on trend with the best short hairstyles for guys 2013.

Top 10 Short Hair Styles for Men  Short Hairstyles for Guys 2013

This short cut packs a punch in style with minimal length. The sides are shaved into a professional version of the undercut, with a faded sides that are longer at the top and taper towards the neck for a clean cut finish.


The rest of hair is styled in the 2013 update of slick hair. Hair is combed straight back with a little bit of height at the hairline.

To style this cool short hair, use a pliable product that can be reshaped throughout the day as required. label.m Matt Paste and Neal & Wolf Shape Pliable Paste fit the bill  and can be re-combed as required. Do so with the panache of 1960s greaser.

Browse latest hairstyles for men, Including short haircuts, long hairstyles or search our awesome hairstyle Idea Gallery. Cool things you might find - Asian hair, African american hair, spiky hair and much more! Check out these amazing pictures of mens hairstyles this year! We've got all the hottest looks, from slick hair to cornrows to the pompadour. If you've got thick hair or wavy hair, we've got you covered too. Check out one of our related videos while you're at it.
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